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Thanks everyone! Together we helped raise $27,770.72 towards the recovery effort for the victims of the Tornado in Oklahoma
Follow our 90-Day Challenge Inspiration Guide...
Day 1 - Get Fit and take control of your life.
Choose your challenge, challenge pack and create your customized meal and exercise plans.
Day 7 - Congratulations on completing your first week.
Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and upload your progress pictures to receive your weekly challenge tips.
Day 30 - Kudos! You’re a third of the way through your Challenge.
You should be noticing a difference. Maybe it’s time to increase your exercise intensity.
Day 45 - Half way there! Congratulations!
You’re over the hump. Take a look at the goals you set, they will seem far more attainable now that you’ve come this far!
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Day 76- Two weeks left and your Challenge is done.
You’re in the home stretch. Take a look at your progress pictures from week one and take pride in how far you’ve come.
Day 90 - Congratulations! How does it feel to be a winner?
Don’t forget to create and post an original video on documenting your results from the programs, including the supplementation program, if applicable.
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Move on three makes it easier to reach your goals.
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